Digital Stewardship in the 21st-Century Library: The Penn State Experience

This invited talk focused on how the Penn State Libraries are putting digital curation into practice through a newly established program for stewarding digital data and content. Digital curation is the active management of data and content in digital format, from conceptualization and creation, to access and use, to appraisal and selection, to ingest (such as in an archive or data depository), preservation, and ultimately to reappraisal and reuse. The presenters described various activities, including a platform review and a curation microservices testbed that the recently hired Digital Library Architect and Digital Collections Curator undertook in developing a programmatic approach to delivering, making usable, and preserving Penn State's digital data and content.



Work Title Digital Stewardship in the 21st-Century Library: The Penn State Experience
Open Access
  1. Giarlo, Michael J.
  2. Hswe, Patricia
  1. digital collections curator
  2. platform review
  3. digital stewardship
  4. digital curation
  5. digital library architect
  6. curation microservices
  7. digital curation lifecycle model
License Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 United States
Work Type Presentation
Publication Date January 2011
  1. English
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  1. San Diego, California, United States
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