Last Mile Optimization For Perishable Products

Advisor: Dr. Vittal Prabhu Abstract: Last mile delivery has historically been a topic of interest because there are so many factors which come into play. When it comes to perishable products the number of factors that affect the output increase as there is a time constraint which impacts the quality of the product. To keep the quality in check there are additional costs which need to be considered. In this study, a non-linear mixed integer model is developed that aims to minimize the transportation cost, refrigeration cost and quality cost while delivering perishable food products. A heuristic is developed in Microsoft Excel which validates the model. The heuristic can be used to find the minimum cost while delivering products to three to four different locations. We test the model for the transportation of green bell peppers from a distribution center to four supermarket locations in the vicinity and study the results. Different scenarios are tested to see how the model reacts to varying parameters. An improvement in the decision-making process is observed upon inclusion of these additional costs. Future scope of work to improve the model is discussed.



Work Title Last Mile Optimization For Perishable Products
Penn State
  1. Manan Himanshu Jani
  1. Perishable Products
  2. Last Mile Optimization
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Work Type Research Paper
Publication Date 2020
  1. English
Deposited April 02, 2020




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