Direct Laser Writing of Microscale Metal Oxide Gas Sensors from Liquid Precursors

Fabrication and processing approaches that facilitate the ease of patterning and the integration of nanomaterials into sensor platforms are of significant utility and interest. In this work, we report the use of laser-induced thermal voxels (LITV) to fabricate microscale, planar gas sensors directly from solutions of metal salts. LITV offers a facile platform to directly integrate nanocrystalline metal oxide and mixed metal oxide materials onto heating platforms, with access to a wide variety of compositions and morphologies including many transition metals and noble metals. The unique patterning and synthesis flexibility of LITV enable the fabrication of chemically and spatially tailorable microscale sensing devices. We investigate the sensing performance of a representative set of n-type and p-type LITV-deposited metal oxides and their mixtures (CuO, NiO, CuO/ZnO, and Fe2O3/Pt) in response to reducing and oxidizing gases (H2S, NO2, NH3, ethanol, and acetone). These materials show a broad range of sensitivities and notably a strong response of NiO to ethanol and acetone (407 and 301% R/R0at 250 °C, respectively), along with a 5- to 20-fold sensitivity enhancement for CuO/ZnO to all gases measured over pure CuO, highlighting the opportunities of LITV for the creation of mixed-material microscale sensors.



Work Title Direct Laser Writing of Microscale Metal Oxide Gas Sensors from Liquid Precursors
Open Access
  1. Alexander C. Castonguay
  2. Ning Yi
  3. Bowen Li
  4. Jiang Zhao
  5. Han Li
  6. Yuyan Gao
  7. Nabila N. Nova
  8. Naveen Tiwari
  9. Lauren D. Zarzar
  10. Huanyu Cheng
License In Copyright (Rights Reserved)
Work Type Article
  1. ACS applied materials and interfaces
Publication Date June 22, 2022
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Deposited February 17, 2023




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