Implementation of a Sepsis Bundle Feedback Process

Sepsis is one of the leading causes of death in hospitals. Mortality rates and costs associated with sepsis can be improved with the use of sepsis bundle protocols. This quality improvement project focused on identifying and implementing a process for reporting feedback on compliance with sepsis bundle elements to providers and nursing staff at an acute care hospital over a six month time frame. A sepsis taskforce was established to implement interventions for improving sepsis bundle compliance communication, including use of a sepsis checklist and individual feedback to communicate current rates and reasons for non-compliance. The bundle compliance was measured using the CMS definitions, along with the mortality rates and costs associated with sepsis patients and sepsis checklist completion rates. Following the six month implementation of the feedback process, sepsis bundle compliance went from 39.6% (n=105/265) to 42.9% (n=111/259). This change was not statistically significant (p=0.45). The difference in mortality rate from 10.6% (n=28/265) to 8.1% (n=21/259) was not statistically significant (p=0.33). Costs for sepsis patients showed no statistically difference from prior to and during the project (p=0.09, p=0.12) and sepsis checklist completion was not found to be associated with sepsis bundle compliance (p=0.11). A limitation to this quality improvement project was the short time frame that was used for the evaluation of results. Even with this limited implementation time, the results of the project demonstrated a need to revise and continue the feedback process to improve sepsis bundle compliance. The use of a sepsis coordinator is recommended to sustain the feedback process and the sepsis taskforce.



Work Title Implementation of a Sepsis Bundle Feedback Process
Penn State
  1. Sarah Elizabeth McVeigh
  1. DNP Project
  2. Sepsis Bundle
  3. Feedback Process
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  1. Nikki L. Hill, Ph.D., RN
  2. Madeline F. Mattern, D.N.P., FNP-C, CNE
  3. Barbara A. Birriel, Ph.D., ACNP-BC, FCCM
Publication Date 11/19/2018
DOI doi:10.18113/S18068
Deposited November 19, 2018




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