Current status of CSR practices in the casino industry: A comparison between the U.S. and Macau

While an examination of various implications of CSR is essential for all businesses, such an investigation is particularly important for casino companies as various social issues such as gambling addiction, family abuse, embezzlement, and other crimes are embedded in the casino industry. Although some attention has been given to the casino industry, the CSR literature has paid scant attention to the industry. Therefore, the current study aims to examine the overall current status of CSR initiatives implemented by the casino industry, adopting a hybrid approach using automated content analysis for themes and concepts extractions and traditional content analysis for theory-based interpretation and comparison. This study employs the stakeholder theory, and concepts of triple bottom line and materiality as underlying conceptual frameworks to interpret the analyzed data. Furthermore, the study compares CSR practices of casinos between the U.S. and Macau and found to provide a better understanding of cultural influences on their CSR initiatives. Findings show an emphasis on three primary stakeholders (community, employees and customers) by both groups while some differences exist, such as a greater emphasis on environmental matters and team-based employee focus by Macau casinos.



Work Title Current status of CSR practices in the casino industry: A comparison between the U.S. and Macau
Open Access
  1. Seoki Lee
  2. Xueting Zhai
  3. Minwoo Lee
  4. Qiuju Luo
  1. CSR
  2. Casino industry
  3. U.S.
  4. Macau
  5. Stakeholder theory
  6. Materiality
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Work Type Article
  1. Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management
Publication Date July 24, 2021
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Deposited August 05, 2022




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