Why The Rise of Dropout Rates in Youth Sports? How Athletics in Grade Schools Address Gender Issues

Youth are incredibly impressionable. The cultures we create in our homes, classrooms, and sports fields play a considerable role in helping children and teens grow and develop. It's imperative for young girls that we manifest an environment that encourages individuality while emboldening them to stay involved in the activities they enjoy—too often, that is not the case in sports. There are ample studies on why children drop out of sports, but there is limited research within the past decade that focuses on dropout rates in young girls. The research I've conducted will determine how gender differences in sports change the reasons kids drop out. Specifically how they affect middle and high school-aged girls. I spent last semester conducting independent research on this dropout phenomenon. I found five core issues pertaining to Gen Z dropout rates through my content analysis, particularly in females from ages twelve to sixteen. These are material constraints, limited coaching and mentorship, social issues, a strong emphasis on academic success, and lack of enjoyment. This poster will explain how gender in youth sports impacts these five areas and how Gen Z athletes respond to them.



Work Title Why The Rise of Dropout Rates in Youth Sports? How Athletics in Grade Schools Address Gender Issues
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