Opioid Use in Pregnancy

Opioid use in pregnancy is becoming more prevalent in the United States as the opioid epidemic worldwide rages on. The purpose of the research done is to determine how opioids impact the development of a fetus when the mother uses them during each trimester of pregnancy. The overall goal is to find clear evidence-based research that will influence the care that mothers receive during pregnancy and newborns receive following delivery. Penn State Library and PubMed were utilized in the search of finding recent evidence-based quantitative and qualitative research. Some key words or phrases used in the search include opioid use in pregnancy, opioid dependence, treatment for opioid use in pregnancy, first trimester, second trimester, third trimester, and neonatal abstinence syndrome. Though many beneficial research articles were found through these databases, eleven articles were selected based on evidence level criteria and relevance to the study being done on the research question. In depth research revealed that a significant correlation exists between the first trimester opioid use and general health of the fetus.



Work Title Opioid Use in Pregnancy
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  1. Karley Kann
  2. Leah Gutshall
  3. Madeline Eberhardt
  4. Erika Carbaugh
  1. Penn State Mont Alto Academic Festival 2021
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Publication Date April 16, 2021
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