Paternal Postpartum Depression

Paternal postpartum depression (PPD) is an increasing topic of interest within the health care system and society. It is commonly overlooked or potentially dismissed because most people do not think paternal postpartum depression is a 'real thing'. Most fathers are not seeking help for their postpartum depression because of the influence of society that the male figure are the ones who must be strong in the family dynamic. As the incidence of this disorder has increased, more studies have been implemented to determine the causative factors of paternal postpartum depression to design an appropriate intervention. Studies such as meta-analysis studies, systematic review, experimental, correlational, etc. were all implemented to gather vital information of this increasing topic. Specific results that have been found from the studies that are maternal postpartum depression strongly influences the development of PPD, increasing the risk of domestic violence of the partner, and significantly effects the whole family dynamic.



Work Title Paternal Postpartum Depression
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  1. Summer Rose Sellers
  2. Skye Marie Strayer
  3. Laikayn Ashleigh Wagner
  1. Penn State Mont Alto Academic Festival 2022
  2. Undergraduate Research
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Publication Date April 22, 2022
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