Task-oriented reading of multiple documents: Online comprehension processes and offline products

We explored readers' judgments of text relevance and strategy use while they read about a controversial scientific issue in multiple conflicting documents using a think-aloud methodology and had them write a short essay after reading. Participants were university-level students. There were three main findings. First, readers discriminated between more- and less-relevant information while they read. Second, the frequency with which they used strategies differed while they read more- and less-relevant information. Specifically, while they read more-relevant information, students were more likely to build connections between that information and information in other texts. Third, their judgments of more-relevant segments as relevant and their evaluation of less-relevant information while they read were related to the quality of students' essays after they read. We discuss how the findings may contribute to the literature on task-oriented reading of multiple documents.


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Work Title Task-oriented reading of multiple documents: Online comprehension processes and offline products
Open Access
  1. Øistein Anmarkrud
  2. Matthew T. McCrudden
  3. Ivar Bråten
  4. Helge I. Strømsø
  1. Multiple-documents literacy
  2. Task-oriented reading
  3. Strategic processing
  4. Text relevance
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Work Type Article
  1. Instructional Science
Publication Date January 10, 2013
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  1. https://doi.org/10.1007/s11251-013-9263-8
Deposited August 09, 2023




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    • Multiple-documents literacy, Task-oriented reading, Strategic processing, Text relevance
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