Utopia of Possibility: Greenwich and the East Village, 1960-1970

Greenwich and the East Village in New York City were witness to a countercultural renaissance in the late 1960s through the 1970s. This project sheds light on historical and cultural context in these neighborhoods by analyzing their cultural histories of rebellion. From the time of colonization in the 1600s and throughout the 20th century, Greenwich Village served as the cornerstone of activity for artistic, political, and unconventional identity. This thesis argues that Village’s renaissance, occurring in the decades of the 1960s through the 1970s, is essential to our understanding of the momentous cultural movements that trickled throughout the United States as the now famous decade of protest. Further, this project explores the concept of identity in cultural movements. In the process of a cultural-historical analysis, we are able to find gray areas of identity. Identity becomes a process rather than a fixed and rigid format. These movements put an end to segregation, gave black citizens the right to vote, increased awareness to queer and trans individuals, and acted as an overall showcase for underrepresented communities. If this counterculture, expanding across the nation in the 60s, provided power and solidarity to underrepresented groups, Greenwich Village was its headquarters. In these chapters, I assert that the microcosm of Greenwich and the East Village in the 1960s and 70s acts as a powerful and unique landscape of understanding the emergence of radical identity politics as they relate to defiance, rebellion, and cultural dissent in the United States.



Work Title Utopia of Possibility: Greenwich and the East Village, 1960-1970
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  1. Veronica Adams
  1. greenwich village
  2. east village
  3. new york city
  4. counterculture
  5. protest
  6. cultural dissent
  7. american studies
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Work Type Masters Thesis
Publication Date December 10, 2020
Deposited December 10, 2020




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