The Cooling of Cakes by Newton's Law

Newton’s Law of Cooling is based on the equation dT/dt=k(M-To), where To is the temperature of the cake, dT is the change in the temperature of the cake, dt is the change in time, k is a constant, and M is the temperature of the medium which in this case is the air surrounding the cake. By baking a set of test cakes to find the value of k, and finding the slope of the second batch’s cakes, I will test my hypothesis through the experiment to compare the error from both Newton’s law of cooling and a linear regression/ progression. Listen to the author describe the project:



Work Title The Cooling of Cakes by Newton's Law
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  1. Dale J Miller
  1. Penn State Mont Alto Academic Festival 2020
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Publication Date April 24, 2020
Deposited April 19, 2020




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