Reflecting a Different Self-Image: Professional Development for Faculty in Information Literacy

At times, faculty have “anomalous states of knowledge” related to their undergraduate students’ common research misconceptions as well as how they should integrate information literacy education into their curricula to address these issues. In this chapter, I discuss the benefits of transforming these faculty members’ perceptions of their role in information literacy education through engagement in librarian-led professional development. Educating the teaching faculty on key concepts in information literacy and its pedagogical application encourages fresh perspectives on their role in an undergraduate student’s academic journey.

Green, K. E. C. (2023) Reflecting a different self-image: Professional development for faculty in information literacy. In A. N. Hess (Ed.), Instructional identities and information literacy (Vol. 2, pp. 71-81). Chicago: Association of College and Research Libraries.

In three volumes, Instructional Identities and Information Literacy uses transformative learning theory—a way of understanding adult learning and ourselves—to explore the ways librarians can meaningfully advance how we think about our identities, instructional work, and learning as transformation. Three volumes explore:

Transforming Ourselves Transforming Our Programs, Institutions, and Profession Transforming Student Learning, Information Seeking, and Experiences

Instructional Identities and Information Literacy contains many ways to consider the programming, dispositions, behaviors, and attitudes we can use as we continue to advance information literacy instruction and reshape our profession.



Work Title Reflecting a Different Self-Image: Professional Development for Faculty in Information Literacy
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