Ethereum Based Blockchain for Executing A Smart Contract For Supply Chain

Blockchain Technology is a concept that enables the decentralization of the immutable storage of verified data. Over the recent few years, it has gained a lot of attention in various fields like supply chain, finance industry, data security, cyber security, application development etc. One of the most famous use of blockchain technology is bitcoin which along with another cryptocurrency. I have tried to implement a system encompassing most of the usual echelons in the supply chain. A simple web-based app was developed after considering various role responsibilities and other features like cancellation of order, order status etc. and I have used solidity language which is an object-oriented programming app to develop an Ethereum based supply chain model. Along with blockchain, I have made use of smart contracts to ensure some level of automation and accountability in the process.

Advisor: Dr. Vittal Prabhu



Work Title Ethereum Based Blockchain for Executing A Smart Contract For Supply Chain
Open Access
  1. Kaival Rajesh Nayak
  1. Blockchain
  2. Smart Contracts
  3. Supply Chain
  4. Solidity
  5. Ethereum
  6. Cryptocurrency
  7. Hashing
  8. Merkle Tree
License CC BY 4.0 (Attribution)
Work Type Research Paper
Publication Date 2021
  1. Supply Chain
  2. Blockchain
  3. Logistics
  1. English
Deposited March 22, 2021




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