Sustainable Revival of Heritage Building in Urban Area (Shanghai)

Before the emergence of the urban landscape, the buildings in the city had their own characteristics to represent the spirit of the city and the tradition of the residents. The rapid development of the city will create a situation for the public that no matter where they are, they feel like in the same city. Over the decades, Shanghai, like many cities across China, has adopted a "reconstructed" transformation of the old city area, with major demolition and construction, resulting in the appearance of cities to become similar. We as the young generation are not only focusing on the development of the city but also want to review our roots of the tradition and culture. If we don’t control this "reconstruction" trend anymore, it will cause irreversible losses to Shanghai’s long-term development. The revival of heritage buildings is a way for us to protect the precious cultural resources in the old city.

This project seeks to provide solutions to preserve the heritage buildings in the rapidly developing urban area of shanghai with sustainable strategies. How can an architect reverse this situation and revitalize the forgotten heritage buildings? This project creates an interacting space for the public that can create a cooperative relationship to ensure that historical culture is not destroyed by urban development and transformation. The program will combine residential, commercial, and the museum, in this way to provide the public an immersing experience back to the early times in Shanghai old town. It's not only a community center but also an experiential museum of history for the users and the neighborhood. Besides the museum, the add-on proposes adding similar boxes to many of the city's heritage buildings to improve living conditions while preserving the vernacular urban fabric.



Work Title Sustainable Revival of Heritage Building in Urban Area (Shanghai)
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