Turning the 2021 Earth Science Week theme of Water into a campus-wide photography competition

Abstract - The American Geosciences Institute declares a different theme for its annual Earth Science Week (ESW) in mid-October, with the 2021 theme as Water Today and For the Future. Each year, our campus hosts a photography contest addressing the ESW theme and encourages faculty, staff, and students to learn how to use Adobe products to enhance their images and submit for People’s Choice Voting. There is an awards ceremony at the end of ESW and the photos are put on display in the campus library and online. This presentation will share how courses on climate science and information science and technology developed student assignments to connect the discipline to the water theme, and how an event such as this can expand education and engagement efforts on campus themed around earth science. Winning photos and contest details can be found at: https://sites.google.com/psu.edu/bwesw2021

Abstract co-authors are L. Guertin and M. Bodek. Presenter was L. Guertin. Presented at the virtual SENCER [Science Education for New Civic Engagements and Responsibilities] Mid-Atlantic Regional Center for Innovation 2022 Conference (theme = Water) on January 15, 2022



Work Title Turning the 2021 Earth Science Week theme of Water into a campus-wide photography competition
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  1. Laura Guertin
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Publication Date January 12, 2022
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