Hamlet's Universe (Aventine Press, 2006/7)

"Hamlet's Universe" presents a new interpretation of Shakespeare's play "Hamlet" whose Second Quarto edition is dated 1604. Since my original hypothesis in 1996/7 that the play is an allegory for the chief cosmological models of the sixteenth century, several advances greatly expanded the embrace of the initial postulate. in 2006 after a decade, I thought it desirable to gather pertinent arguments into a coherent whole. Needless to say, such brand new arguments dealing with one of the greatest works of literature, and by a total outsider no less, was bound to encounter much criticism, but since I was interested in a book that would serve as a stop-gap until I could research the challenges that lay ahead, I decided to self-publish the work. Aventine Press no longer supports its availability, but since some authors have referred to the book, I thought it desirable to make it available on Scholar Sphere. There are a few errors in it, but nothing serious as far as I know.



Work Title Hamlet's Universe (Aventine Press, 2006/7)
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  1. Peter D. Usher
  1. Shakespeare
  2. astronomy
  3. Hamlet
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  1. Aventine Press
Publication Date 2006
DOI doi:10.26207/wmgy-kg52
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