Roar No More: A Quality Assurance Project to Reduce Sound Levels in the NICU

An important area of concern for neonatal nurses is the delivery of developmentally sensitive care to infants in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). This means customizing care to the needs and sensitivities of each infant by accounting for gestational stage of development as well as individual responsiveness to handling and care provision. Sound protection for infants is an important aspect of developmental care.



Work Title Roar No More: A Quality Assurance Project to Reduce Sound Levels in the NICU
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  1. Catherine Wenner, BSN, RNC
  2. Maria Medina, RN
  3. Cynthia Marco, RNC
  4. Casey Voelmle, BSN, RN
  5. Marilee Snyder, BS, RNC
  6. Lori Merkel, BSN, RNC
  7. Elizabeth Matteson, MS, NNP-BC
  8. Kim K. Doheny, PhD, NNP-BC
  9. Sandra Shiley, RN
  10. Alissa Bergstresser, BSN, RN
  11. Lynn Freeze, RNC
  12. Cynthia Townsend, RNC
  13. April Adley, MHA, RN
  1. NICU
  2. Penn State Hershey Nursing
  3. Neonates
  4. Quality
  5. Noise
  6. Sound Levels
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Work Type Poster
Publication Date January 2012
  1. Neonates
  2. Noise Levels
  3. Neonatal nursing
Deposited November 20, 2013




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