Reductions in Unplanned Extubations

Many infants admitted to the NICU require invasive ventilation through the use of an endotracheal tube. Unplanned or accidental extubation (UE) can be associated with airway injury including scarring and stenosis.



Work Title Reductions in Unplanned Extubations
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Creators Dennis J. Mujsce, MD; Kimberly Beers, RRT-NPS; Mitchell J. Kresch, MD; Joy Stauffer, BSN, RNC-NIC; Lori Merkel, MS, BSN, RNC-NIC; Mary M. Lewis, MSN, RNC-NIC
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Keyword Penn State Hershey Nursing; Neonatal Nursing; Extubation; Neonatal Intensive Care
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Publication Date October 2012
Subject Neonatal intensive care; Extubation; Neonatal nursing
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