The Lower Trail in Williamsburg

Williamsburg is located at the midpoint of the Lower Trail, a popular Rails to Trails route that overlaps with Pennsylvania’s Mid State Trail as well as the five-state 9/11 National Memorial Trail, currently in development. Local leaders and stakeholders are aware of other small, post-industrial towns that have used their connections to regional trail systems to revitalize their economies. They looked to Ilona and Penn State, along with regional planning groups, to help identify opportunities. This project coincides with existing reports by several different actors at different scales to promote Williamsburg as a “trail town,” including the acquisition by the Borough of a 50-acre parcel of former industrial land just upriver from the historic downtown.



Work Title The Lower Trail in Williamsburg
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  1. Alec Spangler
  2. Anne Louise Lai
  3. Elliott Robert Kline
  1. Community design
  2. Ecological systems
  3. Juniata River
  4. Outdoor recreation areas
  5. Rails to Trails
  6. Trails
  7. Williamsburg, Pennsylvania
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Publication Date November 28, 2022
  1. Fall 2022 Stuckeman School Research Open House
Deposited March 28, 2023




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