Digital Curation and E-­âPublishing: Libraries Make the Connection

Presented at the 2009 Charleston Conference, Charleston SC, November 6, 2009. This paper addresses issues in digital curation, which is the management of digital assets throughout their life cycle for maximum interoperability, discovery, preservation and re-use. The experiences of two institutions—Johns Hopkins University’s Sheridan Libraries and Penn State University Libraries—are presented as examples of how libraries can collaborate successfully with publishers to provide preservation and other back-end services to support scholarly publishing. One example (Johns Hopkins) relates to scientific data, while the other (Penn State) relates to the humanities. The paper also discusses the potential of digital curation to expand and enhance library services broadly and describes the investment the Institute of Museum and Library Services has made in digital curation research, education, and practice.



Work Title Digital Curation and E-­âPublishing: Libraries Make the Connection
Subtitle 2010 Charleston Conference paper_Final-2
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  1. Furlough, Michael J.
  2. MIichael Furlough
  1. Digital Curation
  2. Libraries
  3. Publishing
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  1. Ray, Joyce
  2. Choudhury, Sayeed
Publication Date 2009
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  1. Charleston, SC
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