Designing the Future: Guiding, Adapting, and Cooperating in the Era of Digital Transformation

Enterprise Architecture (EA) is critical and increasingly influential in the fast-paced and evolving digital technology landscape. As we journey into this era marked by digital transformation, leaders within the EA realm face many diverse challenges. Simultaneously, they are presented with a vast array of opportunities that hold the potential to revolutionize the business landscape. This article will review the fundamental challenges that EA leaders are grappling with and offers a roadmap of best practices. We will discuss the concept of transformational leadership, emphasizing its importance in guiding organizations toward digital maturity and resilience in the face of change. Further into the article, we delve into EA's strategic role in an organization's strategic planning process. We underline how EA acts as a crucial linchpin that ensures alignment between an organization's business goals and technological advancements available to help achieve these goals. We underscore the importance of this alignment in driving business innovation agility and maintaining a competitive edge in the business landscape continuously reshaped by digital transformation. Collaboration and communication are vital for an enterprise architect in this digital era. We dedicate a section of our discussion to these critical skills, highlighting their role in fostering a shared understanding of an organization's architectural vision among all stakeholders. Furthermore, we discuss how these skills facilitate informed decision-making processes and promote the successful implementation of EA principles across different levels of the organization. Ultimately, this article aims to guide EA leaders in their transformational journey and prepare them to face the challenges of digital transformation.



Work Title Designing the Future: Guiding, Adapting, and Cooperating in the Era of Digital Transformation
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  1. Kevin Wood
  1. Enterprise Architecture
  2. EA
  3. Transformation
  4. Digital
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Work Type Capstone Project
Publication Date February 26, 2024
  1. Enterprise Architecture Transformation
  1. English
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  1. North America
Deposited February 26, 2024




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