Improving PSU IT Wireless Customer Experience Through Service Ticket Data Analysis

Advisor: Dr. Vittaldas Prabhu Title: Professor Organization: The Pennsylvania State University Technology advancements allow customers the convenience of getting their desired products and services, on-demand. Customers have higher expectations making it more difficult than ever to convince them of the value being offered while competing with other brands. As a result, the need to provide an outstanding product coupled with exceptional customer service has become very critical to marketers, entrepreneurs, and business owners. This paper focuses on conducting a detailed exploratory data analysis to identify the trends in the maintenance ticket customer data and outline the gaps in the data capturing process. The paper was focused on two main deliverables. Firstly, a conceptual service model that has been developed that helps the firm to outline critical key performance indicators capturing quantitative and qualitative customer data that can drive their actions towards achieving the mission statement. Secondly, a sample survey has also been prepared for the PSU IT Wireless service department linking all the identified KPIs.



Work Title Improving PSU IT Wireless Customer Experience Through Service Ticket Data Analysis
Penn State
  1. Rohit Rawal
  1. Customer Experience, Key Performance Indicator, Service Model
License All rights reserved
Work Type Research Paper
Publication Date 2020
Deposited April 01, 2020




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