A higher resolution version will premiere at the YouTube link below 6 pm 04/20/20: My exhibition MEDIAted deconstructs an argument between myself and childhood friends over Facebook to examine the effects of social media on relationships. As a dual purpose I used these pieces as a form of therapy to address the loss of long time friends and my own emotional responses to the altercation. The exhibition ultimately expresses my thoughts on the situation while remaining impartial towards the parties involved. The show consists of two main portions. The first portion contains four sequential illustrations printed on canvas detailing an abstraction or exaggeration of my response to comments made on social media to convey my thoughts and feelings of the situation. The second portion contains five styrofoam sculptures with painted illustrations of myself aging, addressing the very idea of change and the fact that it is always happening. Those sculptures lead up to a vanity and sink taken from my childhood home. The vanity signifies the distorting effects looking in the mirror can have on a person including providing a self-deprecating gaze.


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Work Title MEDIAted
Subtitle Senior Art Exhibition
Open Access
  1. Gary Joshua Weyandt
  1. Reflection
  2. Illustration
  3. Graffiti
  4. Art Exhibition
  5. Sequential Art
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Deposited April 16, 2020




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