A case study of a popular titles collection circulation at a regional campus undergraduate library

This study analyses fifteen months of circulation data from a popular titles collection at a regional campus undergraduate library. To better understand how popular titles collections in academic libraries are used, this data analysis shows a breakdown of use amongst the entire campus population (students, faculty, and staff). Faculty are the most frequent borrowers of items from this collection, followed by students and staff. Further analysis shows that fiction is more popular than nonfiction. Amongst circulated titles and in the broad fiction category, general literature and English literature are ranked highest. Young Adult literature is another category in which items frequently circulated. Finally, this article touches on the benefits of using a rental plan for leasing titles in a browsing collection, including a better ability to meet specific needs on campus or among student groups than with traditional acquisitions processes.



Work Title A case study of a popular titles collection circulation at a regional campus undergraduate library
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  1. Annie Jansen
  1. Academic libraries
  2. Popular titles
  3. Leisure reading
  4. Student engagement
  5. Collection management
  6. Rental plans
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  1. Public Services Quarterly
Publication Date September 27, 2021
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  1. https://doi.org/10.1080/15228959.2021.1878082
Deposited August 08, 2022




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