Tyler Arboretum Social Media Marketing Plan

Social media is a growing medium that can foster effective interactive marketing. More people register with various social media platforms each day, expanding the potential market. Businesses must adopt social media to increase their reach and grow their brand. Our research indicates feasible marketing approaches for a specific client--Tyler Arboretum--using popular and appropriate social media platforms that may yield increased traffic and consumer engagement.

Social media analytic tools such as Hoot Suite, and Hub Spot compiled data that showed which specific days and times most consumers visited each social media platform. These tools tracked an increase in traffic to the organization's website, number of followers, and likes. We are also able to analyze our client’s marketing tactics, and manage them according to how our consumer base is responding

Our primary objective was to increase the audience through a social media marketing plan. When expanding Tyler Arboretum’s consumer base we also targeted mothers, and brides-to-be. Having a strong presence on Facebook and Twitter will reach families and singles. A strong presence on Pinterest and Instagram will appeal to mothers and brides-to-be. Statistics have shown that women typically gather a collage of their dream wedding on Pinterest, which gives Tyler Arboretum the perfect platform to show these women why they should choose Tyler Arboretum as their wedding venue.

Our plan outlined specific methods for optimal content posting and phrasing. Research on adequate length of posts and which time of day saw the most traffic per platform helped augment our recommendations. Tyler Arboretum can use our findings to increase its audience and establish valid points of differentiation among competitors.



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