Congestion Aware Algorithms For Routing of AGVs Through Nextgen Storefronts

Today’s retail store is a hotbed of constant improvement and innovation to provide a seamlessly smooth experience to the customer. With the permeating use of AI/ML and IoT technology, retail chains are moving rapidly to deploy such innovations to their retail stores to improve physical process efficiency and make the customer experience as smooth as possible. major retail organizations like Walmart and Ahold Delhaize are experimenting with using robots to automate repetitive tasks like shelf replenishment. There is little research on the issue of automating the reshelving of merchandise inside retail stores during periods of heavy demand for a particular product. In such cases, employees are usually seen scrambling to refill shelves during store operations, thus interfering with customer experience and decreasing physical process efficiency in general. Our goal is to study an approach to automate the process of reshelving products dynamically by leveraging real time data using shelf- stocking robots. Specifically, we study algorithms that dynamically route shelf- stocking robots while minimizing interference with shoppers. The routing algorithms proposed would incorporate congestion awareness to respond to shopper dynamics, thus avoiding interference with shoppers. This research has the potential to influence the way store fronts of the future are designed, enabled by a new class of algorithms for material handling that improves service levels in nextgen storefronts.



Work Title Congestion Aware Algorithms For Routing of AGVs Through Nextgen Storefronts
Penn State
  1. Abhinav Majumder
  2. Vittaldas V Prabhu
  1. Retail storefront
  2. AGV
  3. Pathfinding algorithms
License In Copyright (Rights Reserved)
Work Type Research Paper
Publication Date 2023
Deposited April 22, 2023




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