III. Palomar Schmidt Field centered on Selected Area 28 (1982)

A list of sources selected by their ultraviolet excess from three-color U, B, V plates taken with the 1.2 m Palomar Schmidt telescope is presented. The list contains 1179 objects, and the field is centered on star SAO 42564, about 35 arcmin ENE of the central bright star in Kapteyn Selected Area 28. Three-color images on plate PS 24771 were scanned three times by eye, and color classes and sub-classes were assigned to selected objects according to a semi-quantitative technique. The population belonging to color classes 1A, 1, and 1B should consist primarily of quasars and white dwarfs and should be statistically complete to at least B = 18.5 mag. US1329 is a hitherto undiscovered quasar of magnitude 15.6 discovered by a team of four Penn State graduate students at the Astronomy Department's 61-inch telescope at Black Moshannon Observatory. It is arguably the only optically-identified quasar discovered with a ground-based telescope in Pennsylvania. The research was initiated by Kenneth J. Mitchell whose subsequent data from Kitt Peak led to the best statistically-complete medium-bright quasar sample. https://ui.adsabs.harvard.edu/link_gateway/1982ApJS...49...27U/doi:10.1086/190789 https://ui.adsabs.harvard.edu/#abs/1982ApJS...49...27U/abstract



Work Title III. Palomar Schmidt Field centered on Selected Area 28 (1982)
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