Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization (1906-1913)

The Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization was established as branch of the Department of the Treasury by act of Mar. 3, 1891 (26 Stat. 1085). Transferred to Department of Commerce and Labor by act of Feb. 14, 1903 (34 Stat. 596). Made Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization by act of June 29, 1906 (37 Stat. 736). Made separate division after the Department of Labor created by act of Mar. 4, 1913 (37 Stat. 736). Consolidated into Immigration and Naturalization Service, Department of Labor, by EO 6166 of June 10, 1933. Transferred to the Department of Justice by Reorganization Plan No. V of 1940, effective June 14, 1940. Abolished by act of Nov. 25, 2002 (116 Stat. 2205) and functions transferred to Homeland Security Department.



Work Title Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization (1906-1913)
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