Psychological Abuse and Learned Helplessness: A Systematic Literature Review

The aim of this work was to review the existing research on the relation between psychological abuse and learned helplessness. A total of 9 articles met the search criteria. Results revealed themes regarding the prevalence and consequences of psychological abuse and learned helplessness. Findings suggested that psychological abuse and learned helplessness are frequently reported among racial/ethnic minorities, survivors of intimate partner violence, victims of childhood neglect, and victims of workplace abuse. Within each of the major themes, instances of prolonged psychological abuse were examined. Further research is needed to determine what methods of treatment, interventions, and services would best alleviate the experience of learned helplessness after prolonged psychological abuse. Further research would also need to indicate the appropriate education for clinicians and professionals seeking to work with such populations. Implications for future research are discussed.



Work Title Psychological Abuse and Learned Helplessness: A Systematic Literature Review
Open Access
  1. Jennifer Finn
  1. Abuse
  2. Psychological Abuse
  3. Learned Helplessness
  4. Emotional Abuse
  5. Verbal Abuse
  6. Learned Hopelessness
  7. Literature Review
  8. childhood neglect
  9. workplace abuse
  10. IPV
  11. intimate partner violence
  12. domestic violence
  13. workplace abuse
  14. psychological maltreatment
  15. emotional maltreatment
  16. maltreatment
  17. negative cognitive style
  18. schemas
  19. emotional negligence
  20. emotional neglect
  21. negative attribution style
  22. Applied Clinical Psychology
License CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 (Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike)
Work Type Masters Culminating Experience
  1. Maria Turkson
Publication Date December 2020
  1. English
DOI doi:10.26207/04cn-0d46
Geographic Area
  1. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Deposited August 23, 2021




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