Modelling magnetically channeled winds in 3D - I. Isothermal simulations of a magnetic O supergiant

In this paper we present the first set of 3D magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) simulations performed with the riemann geomesh code. We study the dynamics of the magnetically channeled winds of magnetic massive stars in full three dimensions using a code that is uniquely suited to spherical problems. Specifically, we perform isothermal simulations of a smooth wind on a rotating star with a tilted, initially dipolar field. We compare the mass-loss, angular momentum loss, and magnetospheric dynamics of a template star (with the properties that are reminiscent of the O4 supergiant ζ Pup) over a range of rotation rates, magnetic field strengths, and magnetic tilt angles. The simulations are run up to a quasi-steady state and the results are observed to be consistent with the existing literature, showing the episodic centrifugal breakout events of the mass outflow, confined by the magnetic field loops that form the closed magnetosphere of the star. The catalogued results provide perspective on how angular-momentum loss varies for different configurations of rotation rate, magnetic field strength, and large magnetic tilt angles. In agreement with previous 2D MHD studies, we find that high magnetic confinement reduces the overall mass-loss rate, and higher rotation increases the mass-loss rate. This and future studies will be used to estimate the angular-momentum evolution, spin-down time, and mass-loss evolution of magnetic massive stars as a function of magnetic field strength, rotation rate, and dipole tilt.



Work Title Modelling magnetically channeled winds in 3D - I. Isothermal simulations of a magnetic O supergiant
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  1. Sethupathy Subramanian
  2. Dinshaw S. Balsara
  3. Asif Ud-Doula
  4. Marc Gagne
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Work Type Article
  1. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
Publication Date September 1, 2022
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Deposited September 29, 2022




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