Tea for Two: The Story of a Navy Seabee in World War II

Tea for Two: The Story of a Navy Seabee in World War II. The Seabees is an organization under the leadership of the United States Navy. Initiated at the beginning of World War II, the Seabees were responsible for the building of infrastructures for American forces. In addition to their experiences in civil engineering and construction, the Seabees were trained alongside the United States Marine Corps for combat, earning the title of “The Fighting Seabees.” The Sourbeer and Fackler families were residents of Allison Hill in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Both families were known in their small community as entertainers and entrepreneurs. The Sourbeers were professional musicians, while the Facklers managed two businesses simultaneously, a funeral parlor and furniture store. Between 1943 through 1945, Robert Douglas Sourbeer, wrote to his wife, Ruth about his experiences as a Seabee. Their letters reveal an intimate portrayal of their lives as a married couple separated by war. The author presents a true and unrestrained account of the lives of both families within a civilian and military cultural context. In addition, a straightforward and candid narrative is provided into their personal lives before and during World War II.



Work Title Tea for Two: The Story of a Navy Seabee in World War II
Penn State
  1. Evelyn Toro Knull
  1. U.S. Navy Seabees
  2. World War II
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Work Type Masters Thesis
Deposited December 08, 2017




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