Racial Disparities of Pain Management

This research study examines the relationship between racial disparities and pain management among minorities. The purpose was to assess for disparities that minorities may experience while receiving pain management. This was then compared to the care White Americans received. The research was compiled of 11 scholarly articles which had various settings such as emergency rooms, outpatient clinics, physician offices, etc. across America. Results show that Hispanics and African Americans are less likely to receive opioid treatments and if they do, they receive a smaller dose. Also, Hispanics and African Americans were more likely to receive a nonopioid than a White American. Some of the articles also rated patient satisfaction. The studies showed higher satisfaction with care from non-whites even though their pain severity score was higher. They also received a lower doses of opioids. Based on the findings, conclusions can be drawn that the issue may not stem from one single cause, but rather a multitude of causes such as patient stereotyping, lack of access to healthcare, and cultural barriers.


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Work Title Racial Disparities of Pain Management
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  1. Serena Ann Feese
  2. Kylee Gooding
  3. Drew Maxwell Faust
  4. Tyler Cly Moreland
  1. Penn State Mont Alto Academic Festival 2022
  2. Undergraduate Research
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  1. Faculty Mentors: Dr. Susan Wells, Dr. Unger
Publication Date April 22, 2022
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