SharePoint Intranet

Microsoft based SharePoint knowledge management system intranet for the Penn State Mont Alto. Creating a SharePoint intranet that allows for content or file management and threaded conversations. Research has shown that SharePoint has improved productivity through real-time access to information as a result of improved collaboration and project-related knowledge sharing. Organizations who use SharePoint have stated that the application allows them to effectively share business project reports and helped manage projects efficiently. Organizations that use SharePoint effectively will be able to gain access to tacit and explicit knowledge of their employees and workflow will be enhanced, this will occur through features that allow collaboration and the development of new knowledge.



Work Title SharePoint Intranet
Penn State
  1. Victor Solalinde
  2. Christopher Bowman
  1. SharePoint Intranet
  2. SharePoint
  3. Microsoft Teams
  4. Penn State Mont Alto Academic Festival 2020
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Work Type Capstone Project
Deposited April 17, 2020




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