Cosmopolitan Care

I develop the foundation for cosmopolitan care, an underexplored variety of moral cosmopolitanism. I begin by offering a characterization of contemporary cosmopolitanism from the justice tradition. Rather than discussing the political, economic or cultural aspects of cosmopolitanism, I instead address its moral dimensions. I then employ a feminist philosophical perspective to provide a critical evaluation of the moral foundations of cosmopolitan justice, with an eye toward demonstrating the need for an alternative account of moral cosmopolitanism as cosmopolitan care. After providing an explanation of how care ethics in connection with Kantian ethics generates a duty to care, I consider one main feature of cosmopolitan care, namely the theory of obligation it endorses. In developing this account, I place special emphasis on the practical ramifications of the theory by using it to analyze gender violence in conflict zones.



Work Title Cosmopolitan Care
Open Access
  1. Sarah Clark Miller
  1. social and political philosophy
  2. feminist philosophy
  3. care ethics
  4. global responsibility
  5. global justice
  6. feminist ethics
  7. cosmopolitanism
  8. moral philosophy
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Deposited October 16, 2019




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