Metachronal Motion across Scales: Current Challenges and Future Directions

Metachronal motion is used across a wide range of organisms for a diverse set of functions. However, despite its ubiquity, analysis of this behavior has been difficult to generalize across systems. Here we provide an overview of known commonalities and differences between systems that use metachrony to generate fluid flow. We also discuss strategies for standardizing terminology and defining future investigative directions that are analogous to other established subfields of biomechanics. Finally, we outline key challenges that are common to many metachronal systems, opportunities that have arisen due to the advent of new technology (both experimental and computational), and next steps for community development and collaboration across the nascent network of metachronal researchers.



Work Title Metachronal Motion across Scales: Current Challenges and Future Directions
Open Access
  1. Margaret L. Byron
  2. David W. Murphy
  3. Kakani Katija
  4. Alexander P. Hoover
  5. Joost Daniels
  6. Kuvvat Garayev
  7. Daisuke Takagi
  8. Eva Kanso
  9. Bradford J. Gemmell
  10. Melissa Ruszczyk
  11. Arvind Santhanakrishnan
  1. Metachronal
  2. Swimming
  3. Biomechanics
  4. Fluid dynamics
License In Copyright (Rights Reserved)
Work Type Article
  1. Integrative and Comparative Biology
Publication Date May 28, 2021
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Deposited August 04, 2022




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    Work Title
    • Metachronal Motion across Scales
    • Metachronal Motion across Scales: Current Challenges and Future Directions
    • Metachronal, Swimming, Biomechanics, Fluid dynamics
    • Current Challenges and Future Directions
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    • 2021-11-17
    • 2021-05-28