Chinese Graduate Students’ Translanguaging Practice in the Context Academic Writing in English

Abstract: This study explores the complexity of the languaging processes of Chinese graduate students in the context of their English academic writing. Utilizing a qualitative case study approach, we found that translanguaging was ubiquitously present in the writing processes of the Chinese graduate student participants. The participants leveraged translanguaging tools and strategies to support their English writing by accessing and utilizing resources in Chinese, using Chinese to support thinking and drafting, and integrating literacy knowledge across their linguistic repertoires. However, negative perceptions of these practices contributed to ambivalent bilingual identities and hindered them as writers. Findings also revealed perceived barriers and process hindrances that challenged the participants when composing academic text in English. The study highlights the importance of creating translanguaging spaces to support international students in higher education, but also the need to provide instruction in academic writing to support their academic performance.



Work Title Chinese Graduate Students’ Translanguaging Practice in the Context Academic Writing in English
Penn State
  1. Xenia Hadjioannou
  2. Xuezi Zhang
  1. translanguaging
  2. academic writing
  3. Bilingualism
License In Copyright (Rights Reserved)
Work Type Article
Publication Date 2021
Deposited February 18, 2021




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