A Case Study in Lean Construction: Lighthouse Electric Company

The continuous improvement approach at Lighthouse is centralized around a two-pronged strategy that focuses on their work packaging process and the supporting rapid deployment of technology. The well-defined process supported through standard operating procedures that are regularly referenced and updated offers a consistent and reliable procedure for complex electrical construction work. A strong focus on streamlining information and the use of thoughtfully applied digital tools underlay a strong technical approach. The balance of having core tools that are consistently used, coupled with the ability to rapidly create and test new digital processes, creates an agile basis for continuous improvement within their digital workflows. Linking these digital resources with their robust work packaging allows the team to develop the construction plan early in line with project needs. The use of a thoughtfully structured standard work breakdown structure that supports the prefabrication and work packaging allows consistency in how the planning and execution are developed and communicated to the field operations. The strong emphasis on prefabrication, in turn, reduces the variability of production on projects. The extensive shop operations allow investment in new and emerging opportunities as Lighthouse continues to adopt creative solutions. Beyond managing simple in-house scopes, Lighthouse proactively engages with other trade partners to develop prefabricated work packages that reduce uncertainty and on-site congestion at intersecting scopes.



Work Title A Case Study in Lean Construction: Lighthouse Electric Company
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