Showcasing diverse voices for ocean research and solutions with ArcGIS StoryMaps

This project was designed to communicate current ocean-based multidisciplinary work of individuals and communities to educate and to encourage ocean advocacy by students and the general public. Information for the project was sourced from multiple national and international conferences in 2020, such as the Virtual Ocean Literacy Summit and Capitol Hill Ocean Week. Common themes across the conferences revealed that in order to generate solutions for the challenges facing the ocean environment, connections beyond the science need to be made across generations, cultures, and disciplines need to be fostered. From these three themes emerge subtopics that support the call for multiple perspectives and approaches to complement scientific research. Incorporating equity into ocean-related decision-making entails encouraging youth engagement, valuing and learning from Indigenous knowledge, and expanding multidisciplinary collaboration.

To provide knowledge of ocean systems that encourages participation in efforts such as citizen science, ArcGIS StoryMaps were utilized for storytelling with multimedia components. The collection of six StoryMaps is a compendium of prevalent topics, including technological advances, co-managed implementation of Marine Protected Areas with Indigenous communities, and coral reef restoration. Each StoryMap was translated into Spanish for further dissemination. The seven Ocean Literacy Principles and seventeen United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are tied to the information throughout the StoryMap collection to describe the progress towards solutions. It is hoped that individuals will have a foundation to make their own contributions to address ocean issues, ultimately supporting the efforts of the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development beginning in 2021. The StoryMap collection is available online:



Work Title Showcasing diverse voices for ocean research and solutions with ArcGIS StoryMaps
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