Communicating the Importance of a Comprehensive Approach to Ocean Solutions through ArcGIS StoryMaps

A six-part ArcGIS StoryMaps collection was created to facilitate the expansion of ocean literacy both within the classroom and among the general public. The collection covers the individual and organizational efforts and important concepts to support the 2021-30 United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development through a combination of storytelling and multimedia, namely videos, audio segments, and embedded content. At its core, the key takeaway for the target audience is to recognize the power of partnerships that span the globe and develop equitable solutions for an ocean that touches the lives of all. These broad-based partnerships rely on connections across generations, cultures, and disciplines to meet the targets outlined by the UN Sustainable Development Goals and mitigate the anthropogenic effects on the ocean. The wealth of perspectives included in the collection pull from the presentations of ocean professionals at several notable ocean conferences, including Capitol Hill Ocean Week and the first UNESCO Virtual Ocean Literacy Summit. Key topics range from youth engagement to marrying indigenous knowledge with the current knowledge base to the power of artists in communicating the importance of the ocean. The final StoryMap in the collection uses Blooms Taxonomic Framework to develop comprehension questions for the content within each StoryMap, and is intended to be utilized by educators in particular. The collection is also available in Spanish to expand the accessibility of the collection to a wider audience. Access the collection here:


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Work Title Communicating the Importance of a Comprehensive Approach to Ocean Solutions through ArcGIS StoryMaps
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