The Relationship Enhancement (RE) Scale: Some Preliminary Findings

Understanding communication style is particularly important when students enroll in a course designed to improve communication skills. The Relationship Enhancement (RE) Approach teaches specific communication skills that speakers can learn and apply to exchange ideas most effectively. In order to determine students’ communication style, a Relationship Enhancement Scale was developed to measure students’ communication preferences before engaging in RE Training, during this training, and when the training was completed. In order to measure these preferences, this scale contains communication scenarios that present three possible responses that indicate whether the student would express his/her feelings listen, or discuss and negotiate when faced with interpersonal issues.

In order the scale’s effectiveness, a pilot study was conducted over four semesters. Forty-five students responded to The RE Scale questions on three occasions (before learning skills, during the skills training process, and at the end of the semester). Based on students’ self- reports of their communication style, the RE Scale score before learning the skills gave the instructor and each student an idea of the student’s communication style preference when dealing with interpersonal issues (speaking, listening, or discussion negotiation). The RE Scales scores during class and at the end of the course were compared with the students understanding of the skills and their effectiveness when demonstrating them in class. Preliminary findings have indicated students’ skills in class and their scores indicated an increased level of understanding of each of the three RE Skills and that the most skilled communicators both incorporated discussion negotiation skills most effectively and selected this communication style preference the most



Work Title The Relationship Enhancement (RE) Scale: Some Preliminary Findings
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