Internship Database Capstone Project

Our team noticed that students in the Information Technology (IT) major often struggle to find internship opportunities and there is a lack of relationship between PSUMA and other companies around the local area. IT instructors and students are not aware of what is available due to unrecorded information. Senior management at PSUMA suggested creating a database to keep track of internships from past and current students in IT majors. The goal of the database is to provide the internship instructor with a way to record and monitor past and current internships. The database includes tables with information about the student, company of the internship, and instructor. There is also a Graphical User Interface (GUI) through a website that students can interact with. This provides students with company contact information that are offering internship opportunities.



Work Title Internship Database Capstone Project
Penn State
  1. Mariah Martin
  2. Paola Tellez-Herver
  3. Kyah Leeann Alice Rucker
  4. Logan Zeigler
  5. Jacob Arthur Geesaman
  1. Penn State Mont Alto Academic Festival 2022
  2. Undergraduate Research
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  1. Faculty Mentor: John Henry
Publication Date April 22, 2022
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