Increasing student voice in high school reform: Building partnerships, improving outcomes

While we often write about adolescents as full of turmoil and angst, focusing on 'student voice' instead highlights ways in which young people can learn democratic principles by sharing their opinions and working to improve school conditions for themselves and others. This article examines the connection between the types of student voice initiatives desired and the contexts in which student voice is pursued. Drawing upon cases from the USA and Australia, we suggest that turbulence theory can influence the way that student voice is received at a school and its ability to achieve desired goals. Student voice can help to increase the tension and focus on pressing issues when needed; it also can help to calm turbulence occurring within individual adolescents and also in school contexts that need resolution.

Dana L. Mitra et al, Increasing Student Voice in High School Reform: Building Partnerships, Improving Outcomes, Educational Management Administration & Leadership (37, 4) pp. . Copyright © 2009. DOI: 10.1177/1741143209334577. Users who receive access to an article through a repository are reminded that the article is protected by copyright and reuse is restricted to non-commercial and no derivative uses. Users may also download and save a local copy of an article accessed in an institutional repository for the user's personal reference. For permission to reuse an article, please follow our Process for Requesting Permission.



Work Title Increasing student voice in high school reform: Building partnerships, improving outcomes
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  1. Dana L. Mitra
  2. Steven Jay Gross
  1. Democracy
  2. Positive youth development
  3. Student voice
  4. School reform
  5. Turbulence theory
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Work Type Article
  1. Educational Management Administration and Leadership
Publication Date June 19, 2009
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