Teaching Forensic Accounting in a COVID Environment

The pandemic was unpredictable, causing a crisis in teaching for university professors. In this chapter, the author describes problems that he faced and how he muddled through. The author summarizes his teaching activities, changes I made after March 2020, and the outcomes. The intention is to document responses to Covid-19 so that we can better prepare for future shocks. Two good decisions were made during this crisis: one was to keep things practical, the other was to lean heavily on a learning designer who could help me understand better the world of remote teaching and its tools. The author was, however, overly conservative in not having online debates similar to what he had before Covid-19. The flipped classroom model has become appealing, and it will be adopted in the future. Coping with the pandemic forced the author to make videos, but now they can work well in traditional in-person classes. He hopes to use the videos for the more mundane issues and save class time for discussions and active learning projects.



Work Title Teaching Forensic Accounting in a COVID Environment
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  1. John E Ketz
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  1. Advances in Accounting Education
Publication Date January 1, 2022
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