The Effect of Sweet and Sour Foods on Stress Level

ABSTRACT: In this study, the effect of sweet and sour foods on stress levels was analyzed in Penn State students through an experiment to fulfill a course requirement. Students first reported their stress level on a scale from 1-10, 10 being the highest. Then they were randomly assigned by flipping a coin to eat either a sweet or sour food. After they ate the food they recorded their stress levels again. Data was analyzed using descriptive statistics and T-tests. Both the sweet and sour foods showed no relationship (p<0.05) with stress. Some limitations included having a small sample size as well as limited time and research. The purpose of the writing is to fulfill course requirements for BBH 411W and to stand as a personal writing sample, but the findings should not be treated as generalizable research



Work Title The Effect of Sweet and Sour Foods on Stress Level
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