How Information Blocking And The 21st Century Cures Act Impact Interoperability In Health Information Systems

Policies like 21st Century Cures Act aims to prevent health systems, electronic health record (EHR) vendors, and others from blocking the sharing of patient data that is necessary for clinical care. There is a huge amount of funding that goes into incentives to adopt EHR system and increase interoperability in these systems. The current study assesses the impact of such rules in curbing information blocking and adopting EHRs. It used data from NEHRS and AHA to measure the rate of change of interoperability percentages across four domains: find, send, receive and integrate. The results showed that there weren’t any sharp increases in interoperability percentages across the four domains except for the ability to integrate for hospital systems. However, for physicians the interoperability percentage showed a decrease. These findings suggest that the laws do not have much impact in increasing interoperability. Nevertheless, these data serve as a baseline against which to gauge the impact of new regulations and to inform federal law policymakers about ineffectiveness in enforcing the laws and effectively aiming for geographical regions which do not show any substantial rate in adoption of EHR. Enforcement aimed at reducing information blocking should consider the ineffectiveness of laws and how to most effectively target efforts.



Work Title How Information Blocking And The 21st Century Cures Act Impact Interoperability In Health Information Systems
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  1. Prity Kumari
  1. Health Information Exchange
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  3. Information Blocking
  4. Electronic Health Records
  5. Health Information Technology
  6. MSIS
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  1. Katherine Hamilton
Publication Date May 2021
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DOI doi:10.26207/mnmp-qn32
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