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The reaction of nitrite with sulfamic acid was examined by conductance in an effort to assess the viability of the approach for the analysis of nitrite ions in an aqueous solution. This involved varying the concentrations of the analyte and the titrant, varying the volume of the analyte, and observing the addition of nonreactive salts. The optimal conditions appear to be 0.0500 molarity for the analyte and titrant, and 15 milliliters of the analyte. These specific conditions produced a titration curve with a clearly definable endpoint.



Work Title Conductance Titration: A New Method For Determining Nitrite.pdf
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Creators Lamping, Patrick Francis; Scovill, John; Shulski, Amanda
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Keyword Conductance Titration; Nitrite titration; Component of fertilizer; How to determine nitrite; Method of determining nitrite; Sulfamic acid and nitrite; ACURA; Conductance; Nitrate; Nitrite; Abington; Nitrate in fertilizer; Titration; Determine Nitrite; nitrite and sulfamic acid titration
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