My problem or yours? Interpersonal problems and marital quality

Objective: Research has consistently illustrated the impact of personality on marital quality. Given the inherent dyadic nature of relationships, recent investigations have integrated spouse-rated personality to account for both spouses' perspectives. Grounded in Contemporary Integrative Interpersonal Theory, we viewed personality through an interpersonal lens and conceptualized maladaptive interpersonal functioning as interpersonal problems. The present study examined the incremental validity of spouse-rated interpersonal problems beyond self-reported interpersonal problems to predict marital quality within an expanded actor-partner interdependence model (APIM). Method: Within a community sample of heterosexual, married couples (N = 110), we used expanded APIMs, integrating both self-report and spouse-rating, to test the incremental validity of spouse-perceived interpersonal problems over self-perceived interpersonal problems on marital quality through a model comparison approach. We tested for possible gender differences in effects. Results: Spouse perception, notably spouse-rated partner effects, appears to be the most frequent predictor of marital quality, and self-perception had less impact. Conclusion: Given the implications marital quality has on health and well-being, intervention efforts capitalizing on acceptance of spouses’ perspectives are likely to lead to greater improvements in quality and overall health.



Work Title My problem or yours? Interpersonal problems and marital quality
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  1. Chloe F. Bliton
  2. Benjamin N. Johnson
  3. Aaron L. Pincus
  1. APIM
  2. Interpersonal problems
  3. Marital quality
  4. Spouse-rating
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  1. Journal of Personality
Publication Date October 23, 2021
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Deposited January 23, 2023




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