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In recent years, there has been a concerted effort on the part of both manufacturing and service companies to move from broadcasting (mass communication) to one of narrow casting (targeted communication). Various companies have been using different types of media tools to engage in both institutional, as well as product/brand promotion. It is shown that more focused targeted promotions serve the needs of companies better. In this study, it is indicated that several companies have made use of corporate communication techniques more effectively and as a result gained a higher market share, increased brand loyalty, and created more favorable attitudes among its target markets towards the airline. In this way, digital interactive advertising as well as sponsorship and events gained tremendous importance. Sponsorship has become a vital marketing strategy in today’s highly cluttered and fragmented marketing environment. Sponsorship becomes an important strategy for companies to connect with their customers who are usually very involved with the event that is being sponsored. Several forms of sports and other special events are sponsored by companies, and all these companies have different advertising objectives. The importance and effectiveness of sponsorship within large sports events is discussed in detail; statistics and data from real-world sports events are analyzed based on effectiveness and passion indexes. This chapter focuses on sports sponsorship practices, examines the trends in sponsorship marketing, and reviews sponsorship marketing research. Finally, the last part of the chapter discusses the successful story of Turkish Airlines sponsorship practices in details and examines the role of sponsorship activities in the company’s overall performance through the last years when Turkish Airlines have held the title of Europe’s Best Airline for four consecutive years.



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