Sexual harassment and offenses among Al Akhawayn University students

The purpose of this project was to understand the student body’s experiences and perceptions regarding sexual harassment and sexual offenses in the Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane (AUI) community. To achieve the purpose, we collected data from students, faculty and staff, and administrators using surveys and one-on-one interviews. As a result, 352 students participated in the survey, representing 19.56% of the student body at AUI. For the interviews, 17 individuals participated. The participants were comprised of eight students, five administrators who directly or indirectly address sexual harassment cases, and four staff/faculty members. From the surveys, we found that 31.81% of the participants experienced sexual offenses and 52.96% of the participants experienced sexual harassment. These are alarming numbers, and this report includes details about the participants, gender ratios for sexual offenses and harassment, types of experiences, places where sexual offenses/harassment have occurred, students’ potential actions, reporting preferences, and the awareness of AUI policy concerning sexual harassment/offenses. The interview results revealed more in-depth information about sexual harassment/offense cases, impact of such cases on professional and personal levels, level of trust toward AUI administration, actions that need to be taken for prevention, and suggestions to the University, No Violence Alliance (NoVA), and the AUI student body. Some of critical suggestions to address this critical issue include organizing awareness campaigns, providing support for victims, strengthening the policy regarding sexual harassment and offenses, offering mandatory training to the AUI community, establishing trust toward AUI administration, encouraging students to talk openly about this issue, and making the Student Government Association (SGA) to take an active role in bridging between AUI students and administration



Work Title Sexual harassment and offenses among Al Akhawayn University students
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  1. Hyung Joon Yoon
  2. Sarah Postich
  3. Aure Veyssiere
  1. sexual offences
  2. Al Akhawayn University
  3. sexual harassment
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DOI doi:10.26207/fvrq-yz22
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