Codependency and Relationship Dimensions

Despite its popularity among clinical circles, the codependency model is controversial and under-researched within an empirical context. In an attempt to examine the usefulness of this construct through research, the present study administered a codependency survey to a small sample size of 8 college students and compared the results to participants' responses on the Experiences in Close Relationships Scale. Using research on current models of codependency, this study predicted a positive correlation between codependency and anxiety about abandonment, avoidance of intimacy, problematic relationships, and an agape love style. Additionally, it predicted a negative correlation between codependency and self-esteem as well as between codependency and positive family interactions. It also predicted that there would no significant relationship between gender and codependency. Finally, it predicted that there would be no correlation between codependent traits and a history of family members or relationship partners with addiction or serious mental health issues. In spite of a limited sample size, all but one of these hypotheses were supported, though only some results were statistically significant.



Work Title Codependency and Relationship Dimensions
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  1. Grey Rochon
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  3. relationship psychology
  4. codependency
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